Swamp Dog

Vintage Rock & Blues band from Greater Manchester

Artist Biography

We are 4 guys who play vintage Rock and Blues music. We mostly play covers but we do have a few tracks of our own. So if you like your music down and dirty, come join us!

In the words of lead singer Simon: "We'll play you some songs you know, we'll play you some songs you forgot you knew, we'll play you some songs you don't know and as will become evident, we don't know either."

Rolling Stones,
Eric Clapton,
ZZ Top,
Muddy Waters,
Howling Wolf,
Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Buddy Whitington,
Black Sabbath
and a whole host of others!

Artist Photography

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£250.00 per night
£100.00 per hour
  • Artist Specials
  • £220.00 Farmers Arms 15th July