Nick Bold

High-class acoustica, well known songs in an acoustic style...
Covers Band Oldies Acoustic

Harmonica Acoustic Guitar Vocals

Bolton Travel 25 Miles 1 Band Members Min 2 hours

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Nick is an extremely experienced musician - Nick scored a £1.2M record deal with his band Virginia Wolf in the 1980's with Atlantic Records, released 2 albums with Jimmy Page in 1986 and has also released 7 solo albums made up of his own, original compositions. In 2004 he appeared on Stars in their Eyes as George Harrison leading to a string of gigs in a Beatles tribute band being flown to Russia, California and Hawaii culminating in a 26-date theatre tour in 2010.

Playing a mixture of covers and original songs, Nick is sure to bring a touch of class to any venue. Songs include Don McClean, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Paul Simon.

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