Double Malt Duo

UK vocal and multi-instrumental Acoustic & Electric duo

Artist Biography

Established in particularly unique circumstances, the Double Malt Duo has developed into an equally unique musical experience.

Built on the foundations of dual vocals and dual guitars, the occasional switch to piano or saxophone helps to colour their set with a touch of class that lifts them above the run of the mill.

Playing a staple mix of acoustic pop, rock, folk, country, and the odd jazz standard or classic soul number, Double Malt have something for everyone. A typical evening might encompass covers of the following for example; Michael Jackson, the Foo Fighters, Cyndi Lauper, Fleetwood Mac, Eva Cassidy, Cat Stevens, Jessie J, Tracy Chapman, and Bob Marley. Or perhaps a mellower evening of Norah Jones, Katie Melua, Ed Sheeran, Christy Moore, Nina Simone, followed by some saxophone and piano late night jazz. With a repertoire of over 300 songs, they certainly have plenty to choose from.

If your event requires a livelier party atmosphere then we’ve got you covered there too. With the switch of one acoustic guitar to electric guitar, and the addition of high quality customised backing tracks we are ready to get the dancefloor moving. Perhaps a set of 80s floor fillers from Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Lionel Richie, and George Michael? Or a slightly more classic vibe with hits from Elvis, Chubby Checker, Frankie Valli, the Beatles, Chuck Berry and a bit of Motown? We can also bring things more up to date, or take things in a slightly rockier direction – just let us know, we’re happy to tailor our sets to suit what you’re looking for.

"The performance was so varied it provided entertainment for all! Old swing classics on the saxophone for us oldies and popular chart hits on guitar and vocals for the youngsters, a very gifted entertainers with a song to please everyone!"

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